At the doctor

Feeling sick is not fun. You feel mostly dizzy, have a headache or have a fever. Ben is sick. He wakes up in the morning and knows that something is wrong. He has fever, a headache, a runny nose and his eyes are all puffy!
He calls the doctor and says what is wrong. After a consultation, the doctor prescribes him the right medication.  Soon, Ben will feel better!

This project started out as a simple test for me to experiment with the program Illustrator. Since I was quite new to this program, I wanted to explore the possibilities that Illustrator has. After making a small illustration (the beginning of the character Ben), I decided to create a clean type of illustration. This illustration would be a bit more personal and funny to see, rather than the usual flyers of shocking illustrations people normally see whilst waiting in a hospital or at the doctor or dentist,...

I wanted to create a fun type of character (here Ben the sick kid) that could be re-used in other projects for example ‘Ben catches a cold’, ‘Ben falls off his bike’, ‘Ben needs to go to the dentist’,.. The character needed to be recognizable and have a very own personality so that the he could be used on a flyer but also be animated into a small animation.


After designing 2 bigger illustrations of Ben (one where he wakes up feeling sick and the other at the doctor where he gets prescriptions) I started creating small gifs (with the program Photoshop) to explain some parts of Ben’s story. I created a gif where we see Ben taking his temperature; the red part of the thermometer goes up. Then I created a second gif where Ben has a headache and a third gif when Ben decides to call the doctor to make an appointment.

After I had finished this project, I realized that though it was not easy to work with Illustrator in the beginning, I found such pleasure in my results that I decided I would certainly work with the same program on other projects!


May 12, 2016