Ayiti Cherie

My previous teacher, Judith Vanistendael (known for De maagd en de neger, Salto and Toen David zijn stem verloor) instructed me to make a fanzine. Fanzines are commonly small paperback comics printed in black and white or with one extra colour. Usually, the story in a fanzine is divided into several fanzines (one story can sometimes be divided into 12 fanzines). This system allows the scenarist and illustrator to easily change the plot of the story.


I decided to make a comical fanzine that was based on my father’s life while living in Haiti. My father Patrick worked and lived for two years in Haiti. In the story, Patrick doesn’t understand his colleagues and gets easily stressed. He eats too much Belgian chocolate to comfort him, yet it only makes things even worse. I decided to name the fanzine ‘Ayiti cherie’. The title comes from a popular patriotic Haitian song (sung in the French-based Créole language). I decided to tell the very first part of ‘Ayiti cherie’ (number 1). The result was a paperback fanzine in black and white, only the cover is bright yellow to attract readers.


January 11, 2014