Back to work, teachers!


This project was a continuation of a previous project called ‘Back to school, kids!’. This project was posted on Behance and received a lot of positive attention, so I decided to make another similar project. This time, I wanted to use a different colour palette that was at the same time warm, yet not so bright and vibrant as the palette used for the ‘Back to school, kids!’ project. In addition to a change in palette, I also wanted to give a little bit more information concerning the teachers’ course so that the viewer could easily see which course (art, history, math, geography,..) was given by whom. After sketching different teachers and their respective environments, I decided to work out 4 different teachers on Illustrator. Meet the favorite teachers of the whole school: Ms. Stronk, the biology teacher, Mr. VandeBerghen, the geography teacher, Mrs. Lila, the art teacher and Mr. Boog, the math teacher!

December 23, 2015