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Blauw van Jaloezie

‘Blauw van Jaloezie’ is a graphic novel telling the story of my grandmother, Fra, during her youth, in her twenties. The story begins in Belgium when Fra was already a grandmother. Fra isn’t happy with herself and her life. We see how she enviously reacts towards anybody who is smiling or having a good day. She wants what other people have but doesn’t know how to get to that part in her life. Her youth wasn’t very easy. She and her sisters were always comparing themselves, fighting to have the best husband, the best wedding, the best washing machine, the biggest car, etc. The reader also sees how, but also mostly why Fra became the person she is...

At some point in the story, Fra has a huge fight with her husband Jacques. She then, decides to leave her depressing life in Belgium and start a new one in Paris. We see how she struggles to make new friends, to show attentiveness towards other people but Fra isn’t going to give up. After all, she didn’t make all this effort to become the scared little mouse she used to be...


This graphic novel gives an insight on why my grandmother Fra became so envious and yet so full of life at the same time. Some details and moments in the story really happened, others are complete fiction.


May 15, 2014

First sketch, rouch version

I triedthe second version with ink but wasn't too happy of the result.

I decided to redo the whole thing in pencil.

for the color: first try, watercolor. way too busy!

Finally, I made the decision to color the whole comic digitally.

the big images are okay in watercolor..

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