Bruxelles ma belle


Brussels is my favorite city. I've always loved this city for numerous reasons: it has many different neighborhoods, each with its own culture and history. There is the Matonge neighborhood where you can eat and buy delicious African specialties. Than there is the Marolles district where you can buy pretty much anything second hand and Saint Gilles where you can watch hipsters eat organic and vegan pastries, and so forth. There is always something to do in the capital of Belgium, theaters are held every day, free concerts on different locations, numerous museums to discover, markets,...

Brussels counts hundreds of bars, pubs and restaurants that are all equally unique. The city possesses an incredible amount of buildings that are not only beautiful but they are also part of the daily life of the "Brusseleirs". Old mansions where students casually live and party, art-nouveau buildings that have been turned into pop-up concert venues and bars, hundred year-old pubs that haven’t changed a bit since their opening… Brussels has it all! You need only to look upwards in order to capture these countless and beautiful buildings, all of which are part of the history of Brussels. Therefore, Bruxelles ma belle!

July 19, 2016