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charachter design

My first idead was to make the comic in ink, but that didn't work out well..

since I didn't have much time to make this comic (4 days) everything had to be done in pencil.

But then things changed..

At first I wasn't too sure to add color..


even more color!



Meet Chantal! A comic book made during a workshop held by the Belgian comic artist Ephameron (Known for Wij twee samen and Found + Lost), the Dutch artist Hanco Kolk (De eenzame planeet, S1ngle and Van Istanbul naar Bagdad) and the German artist Anke Feuchtenberger (known for Die Spaziergängerin and for Ich, Petra Wolf). This workshop was held in Ransdaal (Netherland). Chantal is the story of a girl that visits Ransdaal for the very first time. The young girl reacts in an overenthusiastic way about every single thing she sees, even about cornfields. In her enthusiasm, Chantal completely loses herself in the nearby woods of Ransdaal only to find a strange black creature that is watching her.



June 4, 2014

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