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In the run-up to the International Day of Missing Children on May 25, Child Focus and These Days have launched a campaign to raise awareness for missing children. The campaign encourages people to share Child Focus’s search posts on social media. This is something that isn’t happening enough now. These Days conceived a social experiment where a number of people were confronted with the short distance between them and a missing child. The concept was based on Six Degrees of Separation: the idea that two complete strangers can be linked to each other through a chain of only five people. This means that a maximum of six steps separates everyone from a missing child, and also a potential witness. It’s definitely a good reason to share Child Focus’s posts.

As well as an online movie, the campaign also includes TV, radio, print, posters and PR: a number of famous Belgians – including Thibaut CourtoisCharles Michel and Lieven Scheire – each received a movie showing their personal ‘chain’ to a missing child.

may 2017 for These Days

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