Ambient Party


I was asked by the client to design a flyer for the eighth annual edition of the ‘Ambient Party’. He wished to incorporate his illustration into the design without sacrificing space for other information such as the names of the performers. The event itself was rather unique, the party would be held on a hilltop overlooking the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Besides listening and dancing to the music performances, the partygoers would also eat vegan burgers and drink homemade lemonade. They were also supposed to be able to join in an ‘experimental lab’ where they would learn how plants make music; the molecules of the plants are connected to a battery which is connected to another system that creates different sounds and therefore make music. Therefore, the plants and flowers played an important role and had to be shown on the flyer.

After giving the client 3 different designs for the flyer, the client wished to prioritize his illustration rather than the general information (the names of the performers, a short explanation of the party, the price, place and time). After making some minor changes I placed the illustration on the front of the flyer. The rest of the information (performers, explanation, time, date, place, price) was placed on the back of the flyer. As I didn’t want to make a plain design full of text for the back of the flyer, I decided to re-use some parts of the illustration and incorporate these with the text layer. I also designed a background for the back of the flyer that hints to the front; a bluish, dreamy night sky with leaves and stars falling down.

August 23, 2016