Huntbikes Logo


The Hunt bikes Snowy Mountains 1000 was a project to improve my logo skills. The initial project was posted on Upwork. The client explained that he wished to have a logo that would be used for a specific bike tour. The bike tour, called the ‘Snowy Mountains 1000’, would start out from Canberra, through the Australian Alps and finish in Melbourne (approximately 1000 km).


The client wished to incorporate the same font that was used on his website and the new logo had to hint the snowy Australian mountains. As the logo would be shown on different types of support (on flyers and on screens), the design had to be strong and bold enough to be visible from afar without disrupting the overall design of the webpage or flyer.


I decided to make an old-school, vintage type of logo as their website gave a very hipster/grungy vibe. I also wanted to hint the bikes used for the Snowy Mountains 1000 tour. I sketched different types of designs; some were more geometrical and abstract, others more illustrational. I decided to go for the ‘illustrational’ type of design. After testing out the final design on several different backdrops, I kept the design in black or white. This meant that the client would receive two logos, one in white (to use on a darker backdrop) and another in black.

August 8, 2016