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For this project I decided to design an illustration of the skyline of Antwerp with all its iconic buildings. Attentive viewers can see the cathedral of 'onze-lieve-vrouwe', the KBC tower, the MAS Museum and the old police tower. 


I wanted to show the city as a vibrant, young metropole that never sleeps. I used different tones of red, the signature colour of Mazda.


The logo for the 'Emissie Switch' event needed to send out a very clear message, the switching of cars. After making several tryouts I opted for a cleaner look that goes hand in hand with the modern and bold visual identity of Mazda. 

While working for These Days, I was asked to design an illustration and a logo for one of their clients, Mazda.

Since February the first, the city of Antwerp introduced a low-emission zone. 

This implied that the most polluting cars where not allowed to enter the city any more.

As a result, drivers of polluting vehicles who wanted to go to the city, would have to park their car far away from the city center. Mazda and These Days introduced a convenient alternative: De Emissie Switch.

On the parking lot of deSingel site - just before entering the city center - Mazda temporarily set up a Emissie Switch-point where people could exchange their polluting car for a day for a brandnew - and far less polluting - Mazda.

March 29, 2017

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