Plane lil Babe


In this project, I was asked to make a vector illustration of a specific plane called 'Lil Babe' for a memorial. The illustration would be engraved on a bronze plaque. The client asked me to make two different illustrations; a profile and a frontal version of the plane with enough details to be recognizable.


The problem was that he didn’t give me a lot of information about what this particular plane was or how it looked like. He gave me one photograph of another bronze plaque where the same plane (Lil Babe) was engraved on, however the picture on the plaque was very blurry and it was difficult to make out specific details. After thoroughly searching on Google and in old books, I found two planes that could have been the famous ‘Lil Babe’. After my research, the client confirmed to me that the ‘Lil Babe’ was in fact the second plane I had found on the search engine.


With this clear information in my possession, I was now fully able to design the illustration on the program Illustrator. I am happy to say that my client was highly impressed with the result. This led him to ask for a third designed illustration, with only a frontal view of a second plane.

August 19, 2016