The Machine shop


This particular project was initially part of a freelance proposal consisting of making several spot illustrations for a small American family business that provides machining services. The client was looking to use a strong and bold style of illustration. He was also open to the idea of having a returning character that would illustrate different aspects of his machine shop. The client also provided me an example of the persona of his machine shop and an e-book of their SEO so that I would better understand which specific service(s) they were planning to expand.

With this information, I designed 3 spot illustrations varying in colour (red and blue at first, then army tones and lastly, orange and purple tones). These illustrations feature 3 different characters, each of them illustrating a specific type of work. While designing these illustrations, I wanted to show the commitment of the characters in their work area (the machine shop).


I enjoyed working on this project, and after delivering the spot illustrations I then decided to create another, bigger and more detailed illustration of the character’s work environment. I decided to work further with the red and blue colour palette that was previously used on the spot illustrations. This idea developed into the project that you see right now, The Machine Shop!

October 10, 2016