Astrid & Vahagn: wedding


I received a proposal to design a wedding website as well as the wedding invitations for a multicultural couple. This couple decided to get married in the home country of the groom (Armenia), however the bride’s family was also multicultural and therefore the two of them needed help with the vision and planning of their wedding.

This meant that the couple needed help from someone who could get the practical side on paper. At the same time they also wanted help with visualizing the meanings and symbols of their relationship. 


Since Astrid was born in South Africa and Vahagn was born in Armenia, she asked me to add the national flower of South Africa (Protea Cynaroides) and the national fruit of Armenia (the pomegranate) onto the wedding card, as a symbol of their cultural ties and love.


Astrid also desired to have a romantic type of wedding card, with a floral design and an elegant font. The flowers that were integrated onto the wedding invitation and website were also the same flowers the bride would have for her bouquet. Astrid preferred to accentuate the floral design instead of putting too much information onto the card. The design had to speak for itself.​


The website was created to inform the international guests on how to get to the venue. The nationalities of the guests coming from out of town ranged from South African, Australian, Canadian, but also Belgian family and friends were invited.


The bride was very eager for her day but had difficulty putting the planning down in a user friendly way. It was up to me to ask important questions so that we could design the website with useful information. For example, this information related to the bus hours, the nearby hotels, the flight plans, the dress code, gift ideas and addresses.


My role as designer was to understand their vision, to put it onto paper and design the website in a way that would make it easy for the guests to plan how to come to the wedding.

This meant that as an artist I had to go further than just drawing flowers, but rather to help shape the chronology of the event and how it would all come together on the day itself.


The bride and groom were delighted with the end results of the cards and website and were very proud to be able to present it to all of their family and friends around the world.

October 11, 2016